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Since 1992, Anyway Mailing Service International, LLC (AMSI for short) has provided warehousing and fulfillment of corporate promotions, informational literature, and product samples in addition to offering a variety of direct mailing services for business advertising, political campaigns, and non-profit marketing.

Our mission is to provide unique, customized services designed for each job and client. We have a team of experts to help you achieve the best postage or shipping rates and equipment to ensure the best cost savings for your projects.

Need a place to drop off a U.S. Mail, UPS, or FedEx package? Locally, we can help you with your shipping needs, sell you postage, or simply take a package for pick-up by one of the national carriers below.


We provide outstanding and individualized customer service!
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We have products & services to meet all business as well as residential needs...

- printing & copying
- digital photo printing
- faxing
- glue work
- handwork
- mail merges & personalized letters
- collating
- metering
- direct addressing
- folding & inserting
- shrink wrapping
- labeling
- tabbing
- kitting
- specialty mailing lists
- discount mailing
- database management
- warehousing
- fulfillment & distribution
- specialty packaging
- non-profit mailing
- project consulting
- basic business supplies

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